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Sharpen Your Creativity

Creative Ed is a program of Launchpad, and seeks to offer valuable, affordable, and accessible creative learning opportunities in artistic disciplines. Courses are designed for various skill levels looking to realize their full creative potential. Offerings typically consist of the following types of courses:

Classes – usually one or two sessions, focusing on a specific topic.

Workshops – often multi-class courses that may meet weekly and offer a more immersive experience.

Open Studios – These hour-long sessions are open and safe environments for artists of all experience levels to practice their skills in a group environment without instruction.


*all levels are open for anyone to participate, but we suggest using the following guide to know if a course is right for you. Some courses or open studios may also list suggested age requirements.

Beginner – Often labeled as “101” or “Intro”. No background is required. These courses sound fun and I want to learn!

Intermediate – For artists with some experience. Particular knowledge or experience may be required and is listed in the course description.

Advanced – For more advanced artists or professionals looking to further challenge themselves creatively.


Tuition for each course is listed in the course description and paid in advance. For those individuals or artists looking for tuition assistance, we do offer a voucher program which may reduce all or some of your tuition costs. Please contact us for more info.

Virtual / On-line Learning

We do currently offer both in-person and virtual courses. Some courses may offer both. In-person classes will list the location where the class is being held in the course description. To learn more about virtual offerings visit this page.

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