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05/06/2021 – Photography 101 w/ A.R. Clark


Photography 101

This class is being held virtually for Winter Term. The course consists of 2 sessions over two consecutive weeks.

Instructor: A.R. Clark

2nd Offering – Thursday, May 6th & Thursday, May 13th

Times: 6pm-7pm

Class Description: This Photography 101 class will give you the skills to take your photography to new levels. By focusing on the fundamental elements of lighting, exposure, and composition, you will be able to take stunning photos regardless of your camera. After this course you will know how to use any camera to take dynamic and beautiful photographs of anything.

Instructor Bio:
A.R. Clark is a local fine art photographer from Bangor, Maine. He has taken photos all his life, but has focused solely on photographing people for the last five years. His work evokes the fleeing nature of youth, the energy of lost summer nights, and the complicated desires of people in their mid 20’s. He has been published in Vogue Italia’s blog, Hamburger Eyes, and various independent magazines.

Registration: $30 non-members / $15 members

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